Accessories for Your Sony DCR RS68 Digital Video Camera

Sony is a reliable brand in the world of digital cameras. Their products have been preferred by people for a long time despite the emergence of newer brands that have taken the market by storm. Sony’s range of digital video cameras is vast and includes many models. The Sony DCR SR68 is one of the best models in this range and is considered to be one of the most economical digital cameras around. If you want to make optimum use of the camera, you can get a variety of accessories. Here is an overview of some of them.

Memory Card/Stick – The Sony DCR SR68 comes with 80GB of storage space. Yet, there is the chance you might run out. All it takes is a week long vacation to get 60 hours of footage, and your memory space is full. To counter this issue, you can get additional memory card or stick that can be attached to the camera when the internal memory has been utilized.

Memory Card Reader – The USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader, you have the perfect interface between your computer and your Sony DCR SR68. You can transfer all the files from your cam on to the memory card reader and then connect it to your laptop or PC and upload the files. This allows you to clean up the memory space in your camera whenever it is completely filled up.

Battery Charger/Adapter – Even with the entire memory space at your disposal, you can run out of battery. The battery has a limited run time after which the camera switches. The original charger that comes with the camera can only be used when you are indoors. Get a travel charger which can be used in the cigarette lighter of your car to get your battery charged on the go.

Tripod – The tripod allows you to keep the camera steady and shoot hands free. This is better suited for shooting within a restricted space. If you are in the open, you will have to use your hand to hold the camera. Otherwise, the tripod can make shooting highly convenient for you.

Screen Protector – The LCD Screen of your Sony DCR SR68 is vulnerable to damage. Dust and scratches are inevitable and it is better that you prepare in advance. Get a set of screen protecting film to stick on to the screen to ensure that it remains safe and doesn’t get damaged even with constant usage.

Screwdriver Kit – There is a special screwdriver kit that you have to get if you want to open up your camera. The screws are different than normal screws and very small, which is why you have to get the right tools to do the job. The tools you have in your home already will not serve much purpose if you have to make some minor repairs to your Sony DCR SR68.

These are some of the accessories you can buy along with your Sony DCR SR68 to ensure that it lasts you a long time and your experience of using it is convenient.

Video Glasses Help Transform Home Entertainment

Many people consider home audio and video entertainment a very important aspect. The choice of entertainment you make will decide the level of comfort you would achieve. The casual nature of your house is what differentiates the work place from home. Your home can be made casual by the smart choice of entertainment systems. The market is filled with choices in this regard. You would be able to find anything you want regardless of if you are a retailer or an individual. Whatever your requirements, you are sure to find your entertainment needs. Ordinary systems can be made extraordinary by the use of accessories. One such accessory that will help transform your gaming experience is the virtual video glasses.

These virtual video glasses can be plugged into various sources and they are portable. The sources can be anything from a computer to a laptop or even a smartphone. DVD players are another source on which you can use the glasses. A large single virtual screen can be seen by the person wearing the glass only because it is made of two mini screens. These resemble the huge plasma screens at your homes but with a difference that they are portable and so you can use them even when you are on the move. The fact that they are easy on the eye and give you a great viewing experience makes these desirable.

This virtual home theater comes complete because these glasses have built-in ear phones. Though these are simple they are made using advanced technology giving you the advantage of being able to watch videos and play games the way you like it.

The versatile creations can be used when travelling as the only thing you need is a laptop to plug them in. You can also experience private watching using these as they cut out all the sounds around. This way you would not be disturbing anybody with noise from your T.V. watching.

Your T.V. viewing experience reaches heights when you decide to enlarge the T.V. The small screen may cause a lot of strain on your eyes so the best option is to enlarge the T.V. and use these glasses. Though these glasses are mainly for entertainment purposes they can also help in hiding confidential information from people travelling along you. Using these advanced glasses help you keep all your private information that you may want to read on the go, private. No more worries about leakage of information.

The Difference Between Vehicle Hard Disk Video Recorder and Ordinary Video Recorder

The Difference Between Vehicle Video Recorder and Ordinary DVR.

We are always asked by our clients, that is, what is the difference between Vehicle Hard Disk Recorder and ordinary Video Recorder? Actually, this is a professional question.

In light of their uses, there is no big difference, and they are all used for monitoring and recording. However, there is a big difference in light of their working environment.

1. Working Voltage: The Working Voltage of Vehicle Hard Disk Recorder is 24V (direct current), while the ordinary Recorder is 220V (alternating current).

2. Cameras: Vehicle Recorder usually has 2 or 4 cameras, for both monitoring and picturing, while ordinary DVR cameras are all for monitoring.

3. Hard disk: Vehicle Video Recorder adopts 2.5″ mobile disk, with good anti-shock performance, while ordinary ones adopt 3.5″. In addition, the key feature of Vehicle Recorder is its mobility, and easy disassembling, or the monitoring information might be a big concern.

4. Anti-shock: Vehicle DVR adopts professional anti-shock system, which can defuse shock of all vehicle types. Ordinary Recorder only adopts simple anti-shock system, or even no anti-shock system at all.

5. Working temperature: The Working temperature is 40–+80°for Vehicle Hard Disk Video Recorder and -20°—+20° for ordinary recorder.

6. To sum up, in light of the function and performance, there is a great deal discrepancy between Vehicle DVR and ordinary recorder, and you should make a good comparison before purchasing.

Definitely, there are some other differences, and you will have to explore by yourselves. I hope my passage is of some help for you.