Blaupunkt Car Stereo Experience – How to Choose Your Car Audio System

Blaupunkt car stereo has become one of the most reliable makers of mobile audio technology. You’re not just buying high quality car sound system with every Blaupunkt, you will also find reliable performance of stylish car audio components.

When I bought my Blaupunkt car stereo, I did not have any problems with its installation, as it was installed free of charge by a reliable Blaupunkt installer. I found out later on that plenty of Blaupunkt stores offer FREE installation of most car audio unit that you purchase.

Choosing a superior car sound system can be really challenging and can sometimes be painful, especially if you don’t know anything about car audio systems. Remember that speakers and components for a Blaupunkt car stereo are designed for different types of vehicles.

One of the most difficult issues that you’ll encounter in setting up your car audio system is when you’ll be working in tight spaces. If you plan to change your current car sound system with a Blaupunkt car stereo, you have the option to rebuild the entire system or just replace specific components. You can start piece by piece, say, starting with its speakers, which can you’d realize later on, is the most important part of your car audio system.

You need to do a little homework before you even decide to purchase a specific car stereo system. You might just have landed to this page because you are already beginning to do your research. In that case, I will help you identify important considerations in rebuilding your entire system, or in simply choosing specific components.

How Do I Pair a Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Ford Sync System?

One of the hottest phones this Christmas season is the Samsung Galaxy S3 and for many users, they will need a quick tip on how to “pair” a Samsung to a Ford Sync System.

First, go to your phone’s App menu.

Tap the Settings folder

If it isn’t already on, Tap the Bluetooth box to turn it on.

Start up your Ford vehicle, go to the Phone Menu.

On the basic Sync System, use the “Seek” arrows to go to the System Settings folder. Then go to Bluetooth Devices, press OK, then use the arrows to find Add a Device, then press OK.

Press the OK button to begin “pairing” and your Sync system will create a 6-digit PIN. If you can, use the Seek Arrows on the steering wheel to toggle the screen until it says “Special PIN.” Push OK and select/create a number such as 0000 or 1234.

On the MyFord Touch system, on the lower left of the Phone page is the “Settings” button. Select that, and on the next screen, push the bar that says “Bluetooth Devices.” On the next screen will be the list of your connected Bluetooth Devices. Tap the “Add Device” to add a new one. The system will say “Search for Sync on your device and enter the PIN provided.” Samsung phones prefer a 4-digit PIN, so you can use the touch screen to “create” the PIN of either “0000” or “1234.”

Go to your phone and select “Search for Bluetooth Devices.”

In a moment, it will either “find” and automatically connect to Sync, or, you may have another screen appear with a place to enter the PIN number. Enter the PIN number and hit “Pair” on your phone.

This confirms the pairing process.

In a moment Sync should come back with a few more questions. Such as “Make Primary Phone?” “Turn on 911 Assist?” Push the OK button on your Sync system to approve the questions. Use the Seek buttons to toggle the “Yes” to “No,” if you’d like.

When you push OK to begin “Download Phone Book” your phone will make a chime.

If a sub-menu appears, tap the box to “Always Connect” the Sync connection.

If no box appears, “pull down” the menu from the top of the phone screen. It is referred to as the PBAP screen. Once again, tap the box to “Always Connect” the Sync system.

For most Sync systems, push the voice button and say “Bluetooth Audio” to access the music files on your Samsung. It may take up to 30 seconds for the system to start playing music on the phone. If it does not, go to your phone’s App menu and tap the icon for your music player. Or, tap the icon for an App such as Pandora. Your Pandora App will start streaming music through your dashboard.

Here is a Samsung and Sync video. (Special thanks to the folks at Phones4U – and you’ll like the English accent!).

What is the Role of a Subwoofer Enclosure in a Car Audio System?

Subwoofers can really make a speaker system sound incredible. Anyone who has heard the “thumping” beat of a car or home stereo’s base will understand the tremendous benefit of a subwoofer. However, it is important to properly install and care for the subwoofer speakers. To do otherwise might lead to a less than desirable sound experience. It could also lead to the increases chances for damage to the subwoofer. That is why it is best to use a subwoofer enclosure.

What exactly is a subwoofer enclosure? As the name implies, it is a box that the actual subwoofer is placed inside. Again, this keeps the subwoofer from being damaged but it also ensures the subwoofer sounds excellent. Some may find this surprising, but the sound of a subwoofer can alter dramatically from one enclosure to the next. And, yes, that means one enclosure can make a subwoofer sounds excellent while another enclosure can actually undermine the sound of the subwoofer.

As such, you simply cannot place your subwoofer into “any old” enclosure and install it in your car. The enclosure has to not only properly fit your subwoofer it has to also fit into your car properly. If not, then the ability to perform at the most optimal levels will not be possible. Thankfully, there are a multitude of car subwoofer enclosures that can appeal to a variety of needs.

There are numerous subwoofer enclosures that are designed specifically for certain models of cars. That means you have subwoofers for jeeps, Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and many other cars. By classifying the subwoofers under the heading of a particular car, it makes it fairly easy to ensure you are placing the proper subwoofer speakers into your car. Of course, that will have the obvious benefit of a car audio system that delivers on its expectations.

In addition to vehicle specific subwoofers, there are also subwoofers that possess many unique designs. Each is intended to deliver a unique audio effect appealing to a wide variety of audiophiles. Here is a brief overview of these different subwoofer designs:

Angled Enclosures – These types of enclosures are designed to fit in vehicles where a traditional enclosure would be difficult to fit. So, no one needs to feel left out when it comes to purchasing a subwoofer in their car.

Amplified and Loaded Enclosures – Consider there enclosures the “ultimate” in terms of their ability to deliver high quality, amplified sound packed with additional features.

Non-Amplified and Loaded Enclosures – These are the same as the above but without the boosted amplification.

Sealed Enclosures – Airspace is taken into consideration and becomes the primary design guide in the creation of these enclosures.

Tube Enclosures – The tube style design is intended to deliver the complete bass sound in a targeted direction.

Of course, there are many other subwoofer enclosures on the market and they each have their own positives. You simply need to match a particular enclosure to a particular subwoofer to your particular needs. When you find the right mix, you will find your car audio experience exceeding far beyond your initial expectations.