Alpine MRV-F540 – Up And Close

A good car audio system with an inferior amplifier spoils the fun completely. You just do not get the true feel of your favorite tunes without a good amplifier. Alpine solves this problem by manufacturing top of the line amplifiers.

Alpine amplifiers have the trademark superior sound quality and of course cool looks. The Alpine MRV-F540 is a good example to analyze the positive aspects of Alpine.

Up and Close with Alpine’s MRV-F540…

The features of the MRV-F540 are good enough to tempt anyone to buy it right away. The model has the following features…

o The Alpine MRV-F540 has an impressive power capacity of 320watts. However, the peak power capacity is as high as 700 watts.

o The Alpine MRV-F540 comes under the multi-channel class of amplifiers.

o The amplifier has a low frequency of 20 Hz and a high frequency of 20000 Hz.

o The frequency response of the Alpine MRV-F540 ranges between 10-50kHz.

o This has exclusive extra-large gold plated terminals. It comes along with wire insert capability.

o The Alpine MRV-F540 is equipped with top panel power LED.

o It is available along with a 4 volt input capability.

o It also consists of Star Topology as well as DC Straight.

Most users have a very positive attitude to all Alpine products, including amplifiers. The case is no different for the Alpine MRV-F540.

A tremendous response has been registered for the Alpine MRV-F540 due to one special reason: The model consists of the internal variable input switch to the 5th Channel – Full crossover flexibility & reasonable power.

If you need lots-a-power for your car, get the Alpine MRV-F540 model. But remember, to take your car to the highways before you crank up the volume.