Dealing With Jealousy in the Swingers Lifestyle

Jealousy is a part of life. It comes and goes and affects people in different ways. Some people don’t get jealous at all while others are very jealous all the time. For most of us, we fall somewhere in the middle of that and on occasion jealously gets the best of us. And, this is a perfectly natural thing.

Jealously probably pops up most in the personal relationships we have with others. In most cases, it has to do with our partners. We value them the most and if we do not get enough attention from them it negatively affects us.

Jealously is a major consideration for couples who are interested in the swinger’s lifestyle. One of the prerequisites for entering the swinging lifestyle is to trust your partner. Without trust, you will have difficult time opening up and enjoying all the lifestyle has to offer.

You have to come to terms with the fact that your partner is attracted to other people, even if you are not swingers. This is just part of life. There are tons of attractive people in the world and it is perfectly natural for your partner to think others are attractive.

There is no doubt that sex is a touchy and sensitive subject, even for people who are swingers. If you find that your partner gets upset or is jealous that you talk about having sex with other couples, then you need to seriously reconsider the lifestyle.

No one wants a jealous couple at the swingers club. If you or your partner is jealous you will likely have a bad night. And, you will probably ruin the night for the other couples that you engage with as well. Be courteous and ensure swinging is right for you.

Jealously can and will ruin your relationship. This is why you must be absolutely positive that both you and your partner trust each other. Rather than jumping off the deep end, start off slow. Test the waters and begin with harmless flirting and work your way up to a full swap. Monitor your comfort level each time you take the next step.

Honesty is the key to dealing with jealously. Swinging couples must be completely honest with each other at all times. If you feel jealous or uncomfortable about anything at anytime you have to discuss it with your partner. Dealing with things after the fact will only cause more issues.

Jealously can appear at any time. It can occur:

• When couples talk to other couples
• When you or your partner flirt with another individual
• When you or your partner pay a lot of attention to someone else
• When you or your partner dance with or kiss another person
• When you or your partner engage in sexual acts with another person

If jealousy occurs in any of these instances, you must address it immediately. Put swinging on hold until you can work out your issues with your partner. Remember, you are doing this as a couple and not as individuals. Be honest and openly communicate your feelings and you will have a much more enriching experience at the swingers club.