Blaupunkt Car Stereo Experience – How to Choose Your Car Audio System

Blaupunkt car stereo has become one of the most reliable makers of mobile audio technology. You’re not just buying high quality car sound system with every Blaupunkt, you will also find reliable performance of stylish car audio components.

When I bought my Blaupunkt car stereo, I did not have any problems with its installation, as it was installed free of charge by a reliable Blaupunkt installer. I found out later on that plenty of Blaupunkt stores offer FREE installation of most car audio unit that you purchase.

Choosing a superior car sound system can be really challenging and can sometimes be painful, especially if you don’t know anything about car audio systems. Remember that speakers and components for a Blaupunkt car stereo are designed for different types of vehicles.

One of the most difficult issues that you’ll encounter in setting up your car audio system is when you’ll be working in tight spaces. If you plan to change your current car sound system with a Blaupunkt car stereo, you have the option to rebuild the entire system or just replace specific components. You can start piece by piece, say, starting with its speakers, which can you’d realize later on, is the most important part of your car audio system.

You need to do a little homework before you even decide to purchase a specific car stereo system. You might just have landed to this page because you are already beginning to do your research. In that case, I will help you identify important considerations in rebuilding your entire system, or in simply choosing specific components.

Car Stereo Repair

Have you ever experienced problems with getting your car speakers to work? Since I think many of us car owners have experienced this problem, I will provide this description of how to diagnose the problem of silent speakers and also give you some hints on how to fix it. Whether you are familiar with car stereo repair or not, this might help you. If it doesn’t, contact a dealer who can do an auto stereo repair or search for vehicle stereo repair help online. If your stereo speakers don’t work, then try

  • checking the speakers to see if they are disconnected
  • checking all fuses that are related to the auto speakers
  • tightening the butt connectors to the speakers
  • replacing all or some of the butt connectors

If your speakers are still not working, I recommend that you test the auto speakers that don’t work directly:

  • Disconnect each speaker that doesn’t work from the car’s wires and do the test below, doing one at a time.
  • Use a 9v battery and connect its leads to each auto speaker to be tested for a short moment.
    • Does the speaker have movement?
    • Do you hear the sound usually known as a ‘pop’ or thump?

    If your answers to the questions above are ‘yes’, your speaker will probably be able to make sound and it is likely to work.

  • Also note which way the speaker are moving, whether in or out of its frame during the test. Thus you can also determine your auto speakers polarity when connecting them up to the amplifier up in the front.
  • If the cone of your speaker moves out of the basket, the lead going to the positive of the battery is the positive lead of the speaker. If it goes in the opposite direction, the lead hooked to the negative of the battery is positive of your auto speaker.

This speaker direct test has two possible results: Either the speaker is not able to make sound or it is. If the first is the case, your speaker are dead and you must replace it. If the latter is the case, you should

  • run new speaker wires and rewire
  • perform the ‘popper’ tests to get the polarity correct as described above

Now, if this problem still persists you can at least rest assure that the reason is not your speaker. The reason is probably one of the following: Either it is caused by

  • problems in the deck itself or
  • the connections from the deck.

In this case I recommend that you contact a vehicle stereo repair shop or do a search online to get information about how to fix these problems.

JVC Car Stereo Review

In the car audio head unit industry, JVC has been giving out very well received products. As 2010 comes to a close JVC is now currently showcasing their present and upcoming products. They have been promising car audio enthusiasts about the coolest and the most extreme sound systems ever present in a car vehicle. Currently, they are now undergoing a new change in their overall head unit features trying to incorporate more of their newest car audio technology as well as more of their wireless system capacity.

Nowadays, a JVC car stereo is now capable of accepting data and music files from either an external storage device like a USB or a mobile audio device such as an iPod or a mobile phone. They are also incorporating SD sockets for more versatility when it comes to accepting and playing music files from different storage platforms.

As of today, one of the most popular JVC car stereo products is the JVC head unit is the JVC NZ KD-R716 50Wx4 Bluetooth / Dual USB CD/NZ Tuner MOSFET Head unit, Front Aux. At first glance the head unit is very slim and very stylish. The blue circular pattern on the design was used to streamline the overall controls and allow it to be located towards the driver’s side for ease and accessibility. The design of the unit is specifically designed for your audio needs and not too much about all the dazzling accessories that you would otherwise not need in a traditional and fully integrated car audio system. But it does have a lot of functions and operations that are geared towards the audio.

In this JVC car stereo, they used their well recognized Bluetooth system, the KD-R716 Bluetooth. This allows the user to utilize the device hands free and optimizes your mobile’s Bluetooth capacity. This way, you can now use the head unit as well as all the audio components that your car has through your mobile phone. Underneath the rubber flap for protection against the elements, dust and humidity is the dual USB port. This is very handy and very ideal for playing your own personalized playlists. Basically it allows you to just plug and play. This port also allows the connection from your iPhone or your iPod to the head unit. From here on you can plug in your device and then operate your JVC car stereo just as you would from an iPod.

Aside from its front auxiliary input, this JVC in car head unit has a mini remote that allows the driver more ease and comfort in operating the product. The remote control is also very stylish and very compact. You won’t have to browse through a lot of things when you operate it because it is specifically designed to be used as easily as possible. Overall, this product presents just about everything that you will need from a car audio system. Not only is it very handy and very functional, their new feature does allow you to access it through the latest technology available today. It can fully cater to all your audio technology needs and will definitely upgrade your car audio system.